5R Assessment

We take a deep dive into your portfolio and assess its current circularity level using our 5R strategy: refuse, reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle. Next, we define your immediate and strategic goals, and create an action plan to boost the environmental performance — and impact — of your business.

Circularity Integration

We use our expertise in materials and manufacturing engineering, environmental impact assessment, and operations management to implement circular economy principles into your business, helping you position for success in the rapidly changing landscapes of design, production, and service delivery.


We conduct research and development towards improving sustainability in engineering materials, manufacturing processes, and supply chain management based on the needs of your business or the challenges hindering circularity in different industry sectors.
To combat climate change and to ramp up the actions needed for a sustainable future, the Paris Agreement sets the ultimate goal of limiting the average global temperature rise to 1.5°C in this century.

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions


billion tons CO2 equivalent



billion tons CO2 equivalent



billion tons CO2 equivalent

2050 forecast

90% Reduction
To achieve the 1.5°C goal, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced, at least, to below 5 billion tons CO2 equivalent by about 2050. The current efforts in place are far less than what is needed to meet this target.

Total Resources Entering the Global Economy

Extracted resources

Recycled resources

Used in short-life products

Circular Economy
Our course of efforts to deliver deep cuts to emissions must move us away from the traditional take-make-dispose economic model to one that rethinks materials, designs and operations to retain as much value as possible from products, parts and resources. In this circular economy, extending product lifespan, reducing the waste at the design stage, recovering and reintroducing products into the supply chain, and expanding our reliance on sustainable natural resources are key principles that inform our 5R strategy, and everything we do.

Mahdi Takaffoli, PhD, PEng


Fabien Hammerer, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Forough Pourhossein, PhD

Director of Operations Research

Karan Garg, MBA

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Ophela Zhang, MEng

Environmental Impact Analyst

Vicky Bauman, MASc

Biopolymer Scientist

Shauna McGinn, MJ

Lead Writer

Circular Engineering

We integrate circular thinking into materials selection, product design, manufacturing processes, and operations management to keep materials at their highest utility and value at all times.

Sustainability Catalyst

We build upon our expertise in Cradle to Cradle, Circular Design, and Eco-Design guidelines to help companies improve their environmental performance and create competitive advantage.

Circularity Optimization

We employ modeling and optimization techniques to aid decision-making for implementing circular economy principles.

Impact Visibility

We use circularity calculator and life cycle assessment tools to give visibility into the environmental impact of businesses.

Building Collaboration

We facilitate community building throughout the supply chain to create shared value and positive impact.

Circularity Potential Screening

Quick assessment of circularity potentials in businesses

Circularity Roadmap

Guiding organizations to implement circular practices in their value chains

5R Operations Optimization

A mathematical framework to optimize circular economy operations

W2R Pathfinder

Identifying viable options to turn waste into resource

Circular Design Navigation

Steering design decisions to develop circular products

Circularity in Action

A collection of businesses and innovations realizing circular economy

Circular Plastic Blueprint

Mapping the pathways toward using recycled plastics

Sustainable Materials Library

Facilitating selection of sustainable engineering materials

5R Business Model Canvas

Integrated business model planning and circularity

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